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I'm starting something new!

I love to see how you display and use all your paperbacklife products.  From decorating your snail mail with stickers, to using gift tags and garlands to decorate your holiday tree for every season of the year,  I just love to see your creativity.  

Unfortunately, I don't get many people sharing their stuff all that often. Maybe you didn’t know I loved to see this stuff; maybe I don’t ask enough? Well, now you know, and now I’m asking!

I am starting something new by asking friends and followers to share their snaps.  Er, pictures. Sorry, my geriatric millennial is showing... Anyways, my new thing to encourage people to share photos of their paperbacklife products is a little monthly giveaway. I'm calling it
Wild Wednesday

Each Wednesday, I am going to encourage/remind/borderline harass folks who follow me to share some pictures of their paperbacklife products, in the wild.  It could be a photo of your birthday party banner, a notebook you use for groceries, or gift tags you use as tree decorations, anything goes.  As long as it is an identifiable paperbacklife product that isn't photographed against my blue walls, it counts as a share!  Every time you share a distinct photo to your feed or story on Instagram, on a Wednesday, and tag me in it (@_paperbacklife) you will get an entry into that months draw.  One share each Wild Wednesday gives you four entries per month, technically speaking.  Then, on or before the last day of each month (after the last wednesday of course) I'll announce a winner.  This extra time allows all folks a chance to share on the last Wednesday based on their time zone, and it gives me time to do the draw and write the post and contact the winner.  I'll do the draw from all the monthly shares and the winner will get....something!  The prize will change each month, depending on ... so many factors. I'll let everyone know what the prize is on the first Wednesday of each month, and probably frequently throughout the month, as I constantly remind you of Wild Wednesday.  

For the first month, JUNE 2021, the prize is going to be a  Big One - to help kick things off with a bang!  What's it going to be?  Well, since it is also my birthday month (yup, claiming a whole month here!) lets make it a big ol' Birthday Celebration Box!  Winners choice of adult humor or family friendly (swear words or no swear words)

Now I hear people asking, why Instagram? why not facebook or any other social sites?
That's easy, really.  I only have an Instagram page and a Facebook page for my business, and I don't want to try and keep track of entries in two different places.  Since Instagram is my most active social site, that's where the contest is happening.

Full Disclosure on the technical stuff:
~This giveaway is in no way associated, endorsed, sponsored or administered by Instagram. 
~It is a hosted by paperbacklife (me!) only, and will run for one month, each month until I decide it doesn't. It's for everyone to have fun seeing how different products can be used or displayed, and to reward fans and followers with a little handmade love.  
~you need to follow me to win.  I'll check when I do the draw and if you aren't following me at that time, I'll draw a different name.
~Each DIFFERENT photo or story shared on Wild Wednesday where you tag me (@_paperbacklife) counts as an entry.  In other words, if you share the same photo every single Wild Wednesday, you'll only get one entry, for the first time you shared.  Options for bonus entries announced each month when prize is announced.
~Winner will be drawn on or before the last day of each month, after the last Wild Wednesday of the month.  Winner will be contacted through Instagram messages and then announced on my Instagram Page @_paperbacklife
~Prize will be delivered by contactless delivery when possible, or shipped via Canada Post Letter Mail when possible, unless otherwise disclosed.

I think that's all the confusing details you need for now.  
Let me know if you have questions or if you really are confused on the rules; in the meantime, head on over to Instagram to start sharing, it is Wednesday after all!


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