Happy New Year!

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Well, I guess it's officially time for that 'new year, new you' bullshit!

I've (obviously!) never been much of a resolution person.  I try to think and live with the idea that if you needed or wanted to change something, you should just do it.  Like now, stop making excuses and just do it.  Why wait for a specific day or reason to justify it? 

That being said, I completely understand how it can be a lot easier to create and keep up a new habit when you have most of the world asking you about your desired resolution and constantly reminding you about it - until about January 17 or so when everyone collectively gives up for another year.

So while I won't be making any resolutions again this year, I am making plans!
Actually writing them down, marking the calendar with deadlines, real life plans!

Plans for new products, plans to redesign old products; plans to try new art stuffs, plans to purge old art stuffs; plans, plans, plans, I am making them.

And I know, I say that a lot. 
But right now, I am saying (writing?) these plans on January 1st-ish as an almost resolution (because I don't do actual resolutions) in hopes it will help to hold me accountable, as well as give me the motivation to keep going with my plans (not resolutions!) when all I want to do is throw in the towel and go live in the woods.

So if you see me out and about, ask me about my plans!
Send me a DM on social media to make sure I am keeping up with my plans!
Shoot me an email if you want to offer to help with my plans!
Follow me on Patreon to keep up to date with all the behind the scenes bullshit on my plans!

Yup, I'm still over there on the old patreon, even if I haven't shared anything since July.  Oops.
Cleaning up posts, refreshing rewards levels and making that a cool place to hang out is at the top of my *now* very large list of plans.  
Right after some coffee...


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