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While doing some random little updates on the site this past weekend, I noticed a few abandoned shopping carts.  I did a little digging and turns out I made a mistake when I last updated my shipping profiles and some folks were being charged WAY too much for shipping (9$ local shipping? that's not right!)
I updated my shipping, again. Hopefully I did it right this time. PLEASE let me know if something looks, wrong or weird, when you place your order.

Rather than offering a few different prices based on the weight of your order for letter mail shipping, and a few options for heavier parcels, I've decided to go with a flat rate shipping fee for letter mail. 
This means that if I did it right, anything you order that has a combined weight of 475g or less will ship for $10 CAN within Canada, or $15 USD to the US. 
If your order comes to over 475g, there are still shipping options available for parcels based on how much you want to spend on shipping vs how fast you want to get your order.
NOW.  I know letter mail for Canada Post is listed as available for items up to 500g.  so why does your order have to come to less than that? Because that 500g needs to take into account the shipping materials, thank you notes or whatever freebie stickers I might want to tuck into your order. And I know you want those freebies!

I'll keep monitoring and updating shipping profiles and product weights over the next few days to make sure everything is working out how it should.
Let me know what you think of the new flat rate shipping prices, if you have any problems or even suggestions to make shipping easier for you.

Have a great week!


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