It's {sorta} my birthday!

BIRTHDAY! paperbacklife Thank You

Yee haw! Let's Celebrate!

I never used to be a person to celebrate my birthday. It was always just another day to me.  If other people made a big deal, cool, but I wasn't going to remind everyone because then I'd have to share my cake.

But then I had kids, and as the story goes, everything changed.  Birthdays are a big deal for them, and not just because of cake (although I'm sure that doesn't hurt) Their joy in wanting to celebrate everyone's birthdays means birthdays are starting to become a big {ish} deal for me.

And then we had Covid happen, and I had a small lockdown birthday last year (2020) with just my husband and kids.  I didn't really mind, it was nice, but I had been sorta looking forward to a bit more of a celebration.  Oh well, life goes on.  I made plans for next year (meaning, this year, 2021).

I guess I made a mistake by making a plan for a post Covid birthday celebration.  Because we are still not post Covid, and we are still in a semi lockdown situation where I live. So again, no party.

Since I can't party in person, I decided we can {try to} party on the interwebs!
I have plans for lots of little celebrations and gifts to share with you all, as a thanks for supporting me through out the years.  It's my way of sharing my cake, minus the tummy ache (or germs from spraying spit).

The party has already started with shop discounts, in both my online shop here at, and in my Etsy shop.  The products {and therefore discounts} are different in each shop, as I explained here, so if you're interested, visit both to see what's up! 

I also have plans for a giveaway or two, so I hope you follow me on Instagram for more info that's coming on that.

And of course, cake! What is a birthday party without cake?!
I'm honestly not sure how I am going to incorporate cake into a virtual celebration, but I still have a few more days to figure it out. Maybe just a live video every time I have cake? ASMR anyone?


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