March Meet the Maker is here!

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A few years ago, at the start of the pandemic craziness, my friend introduced me to a new hashtag/ idea on social she thought I would be interested in as a small business owner and maker looking for inspiration.  The idea had been around a little longer than that, I found it around year three of it's inception.  
At first, it was a fun little challenge while the world started to get ... weird.  Then the world went tipsy turvy, and this challenge was something to hold onto that resembled normal.  The following couple years were the same, something to look forward to at this cold, grey time of year to help give some sort of normalcy to running an art business during global upheaval.
And it's back! Today is the day! (well, yesterday

I'm talking about March Meet the Maker.
The global maker challenge was started by a UK artists named Joanne Hawker (great artist, check her out!).  It has since taken off and has launched a whole online community of makers and patrons who look forward to the daily fun prompts.  Makers get the chance to interpret the prompts any way they see fit, and patrons get the chance to learn more about a maker or brand that they love.

But in true me fashion, I'm already a day late on posting for March Meet the Maker.  I had a sick kid home with me yesterday, so while I had the best of intentions, life had other plans.  As usual.

Today, March 2nd, I am focusing on content creation for all social platforms (here, insta, facebook, patreon!) so look for lots of March Meet the Maker posts over the next month!  I'll be sharing everything MMtM related over on Insta, with some more in depth posts on certain subjects available over on Patreon for those who are interested.  If you aren't a follower on either, now's the time to click that follow button, or pick a reward level, and learn all about the craziness behind paperbacklife! Plus, patrons will get rewards and shopping discounts and a whole lot of back content ready to download. 

Here are the prompts you can expect to see content about over the next few weeks.  

If you are on instagram, you can actually follow the hashtag for this year, #MarchMeetTheMaker2023 and learn all about *thousands* of makers who are participating in the challenge. It is a great way to find new artists to love and support.
Thanks for visiting, friends!


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