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I signed up for Patreon a while (years) ago, but never got around to figuring out what to do with it, besides support people I liked.  And even that I was bad at; I kept forgeting to check Patreon for their posts and exclusive content, my credit card eventually expired and I never got around to renewing my support of anyone - sorry folks!  Eventually, I just cancelled my whole account while I tried to figure out Patreon, life and what have you.
While I still don't know what I'm doing in regards to, well, anything, I'm doing it over at now too!

So why yet another place to follow me on the interwebs? 
Well, first let's just run down where you can currently find me and why:
  • Website: This is my main landing point for everything interwebs, my online store, blog and all around main focus for paperbacklife.  From here you can find all my other paperbacklife social links and what they specialize in.
  • Instagram: I like pictures so this is my main social media app. I share lots of bright, colourful product pics, bad puns and blue walls.  I have a few accounts for other things too, like photography , other weird art that isn't necessarily paper focused, and a caffeine appreciation page (I told you, weirdness!)
  • Facebook Page: Updated about as often as Instagram when I remember to link posts.  Not high activity from me or others. Felt cute, might delete later.
  • Etsy: The shopping site for last season, slightly irregular, testers and one of a kind designs. Most items ready to ship untracked for free with Canada Post Letter Mail.  I just want this stuff out of my house.
  • Patreon: As mentioned, the newest kid on the block, where you can participate in the art & life conversation, join sticker or mail art clubs (rewards tiers) and see the real behind the scenes stuff, including real life shit like gardening tips and fav recipes.  Plans for giveaways, exclusive and sneak peek content, live Q&As, instructional videos?, first chance at new products and merch.  Everything is going to happen on the Patreon first, then maybe eventually it will spill over to some of the other social sites.  My patrons will be my willing guinea pigs, letting me experiment on them and in return, telling me what works and what doesn't, what they think the rest of the wider world would want to see and buy and read about, and sometimes they'll get some freebies. 

I am also looking into some other social media apps, like Tik Tok, to broaden my general reach, and websites like Ko Fi or Buy Me A Coffee for one off donations of support.  But lets be honest, that above list is already a fair bit to manage, or follow, and I don't want to risk adding too much or being spread too thin to make any of it work for anyone.  Or end up turning what should be a fun added bonus of my job into yet another chore that I dread due to continual updating or monitoring.  Plus, trying to find the right time and right inspiration to do any sort of work when your first job is parenting is really hard.  Apps and websites and social media need to be able to work quickly, easily, intuitively, and hopefully together; and they have to work from my phone with or without WiFi, so I can work on projects while on the go, or on the ... go.  Most of the apps I use so far fit all of my criteria, which is great and will help make my art intentions more likely to become habits, which will make managing all of this a little bit easier.  Right?

But why Patreon, specifically?
Well, lots of artists I know both personally and not, use it as a way to explore new or different things, and they all seem to really enjoy it.  So far it seems a fairly intuitive site/app to use, and it allows me to support other artists I enjoy.  It is a place for fans to follow along behind the scenes, have their say, and then they get things as a thank you for their support.

So there we have it.   
I finally did the thing and officially launched my Patreon page.  I'm excited and nervous and anxious, as with every new adventure, but the excitement is currently winning, most days.  I have a public welcome post, and a couple of patron only posts, including a poll you can vote in, for those who want to join.  I'm working on a few more patron only posts to add by the end of the month (April 2021), with my hopeful intention of posting at least once a week for patrons only.  I even have an hour a week set aside just for Patreon stuff; even if all I do is share that I have nothing to share.

It would mean a lot if you could join me over there, or share it with a friend who you think might be interested.  Your continued support through likes, shares, and comments is what has made me want to take some risks and do new things, during an otherwise globally shitty few year{s}.  You're ongoing support means a lot to an awkward artist like me; I truly can't thank you enough, but I'll keep trying as long as you let me.  
Thank you. Thank you.  Thank you.


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