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Woo Hoo!
It's Relaunch day for the online store! Thanks for stopping by and seeing what's new!

Am I ready?

Am I doing it anyways?

Am I going to be honest about ups and downs of the last month?
Of fucking course!

My original plan was to have all my current year round and sesasonal products up on the website for relaunch day, February 4th. This would be A LOT of products, (way more than I originally thought!) but not totally unreasonable with a sound plan, which {I thought} I had.
Then I got sick.
But that's okay, I planned for interruptions such as this, so it did't matter! On with the plan, but with a bit of urgency and extra coffee.
Then I got sick, again.
Ok, readjust the plan a little bit, no biggie.  Only listing seasonal products for the spring season, who needs to see my christmas stuff at this time of year? Keep going.  More Coffee.
Then.... my cutting machine DIED.
She had been tempermental for a while, but all of a sudden she smelled like burning after deciding to stop cutting MID CUT JOB. 
Assuming that was a bad sign, I was off to get a new cutting machine, reload my computer with new software, relearn the silly little tweaks of the newer machine (rip repeat job).  Readjusting the plan again, I decide to only list whatever the fuck I can get completed off of my list before my photo shoot day.  It's okay, that's still a lot of new stuff!
Then, I get sick, for the third time.
The night before my planned photo shoot day.
Let's just say I thought up some creative new swear words that night.

That was a little less than a week ago. 
I honestly thought I was going to have to put off the relaunch of the shop for another few weeks, and I almost did.  I had a big post written up, a new plan for the new launch date and then... I said fuck it. This site is going live on February 4th, even if I only have one product to sell and nothing to read.  The rest will come as it comes.

So that's what I am doing.

It is currently 11:53 pm AST, and I am just about to hit active on my online store.
Thankfully, I have more than one product listed.  And a few new blog posts to read as well.
Is it exactly what I wanted 6 weeks ago when I planned this?

But is it what I need and want to do?
Yes, indeed.

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