Happy New Year?

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Happy New Year!

How's your pandemic going?

Don't know whether to laugh or cry at that? yeah, me neither.  
This past year has been . . . a millenia 
Thank god it is finally behind us.

Usually I try to make a new years post about how much I got done in the past year, how much fun I had and all I learned, and all the things I look forward to in the new year. 
Well, fuck it.
It is kind of hard to reflect on such a weird year so optimistically.  And it feels strange to plan for a 'brighter' future when all the plans I had for 2020 blew up so spectacularly that I still haven't found all the pieces!

So instead of reflecting on the shit, or shining a false light on the not so shitty to make it seem pretty, I'm just going to say -

Hey, it's a new day. And a new year. 
Glad you are all still here to see it.


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