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Hey All, 
how's your pandemic going?  Still fighting the quarantine-fifteen?  Perfected your sourdough yet?  Heaven forbid....cut your bangs?!

Seriously though, I hope everyone is staying as safe and sane as possible during these historically WTF times. 
I know we've definitely been riding the Corona-coaster in our house; some days are amazingly full of family fun, nature walks, good food and are, overall, fairly productive (haven't had to rewash forgotten laundry in months!)  Other days are.....less than that, to say the least.  But we are all healthy and making it work, most days.

Speaking of work, and my work being this little art business, I wanted to update anyone who is interested on what's going on.  I may have been quiet lately but I've definitely still been busy.

Like most folks, I had big plans for this year,  but unfortunately the year has just... not been that cooperative. So uncooperative in fact, that the five year plan seems to have completely changed as well.  And I have to admit, I am really disappointed because I was so excited to finally see what I could do with this art thing.  But life happened and instead of our carefully laid plans, we pivot.  Roll with the punches.  Go on to backup plan b....or c....or whatever letter we're on now.  Q? R? 

Since 2020 is what it is (WTF IS IT EVEN?) and my original plans are totally effed, we are moving onto backup plan....whatever....Q I guess, this year is very Q (nerd alert!).  And Plan Q is...honesty.
And at this point, I honestly don't really have a plan.
Instead of doing all the things I had planned and hoped for when the clock struck midnight last December 31, I'm doing lots of things I hadn't even considered pre-covid.  

Instead of building stock for winter markets I've been working on building an online store, and learning how to sell my ideas on other products online as well.  (look for updates on that later!)
Instead of planning limited edition seasonal items for seasonal markets to tease you all in to coming to each event to see what's new (yup, artists do that!), I'm working on building a strong line up of products I'm proud to offer year round, and I'm finally able to tackle some older projects on my to do list.
Instead of late nights in a home studio trying to pump out last minute stock for an upcoming market, I'm doing early mornings in my apocalypse garden, and that's helping me find some new inspiration to bring back into the studio, and the kitchen (more updates on that later, too!)

So, in the spirit of honesty, while this year has definitely not turned out at all how any of us had thought, hoped or planned, it is at the very least teaching me new things that I didn’t know I needed. I’d almost say these are welcome teachings, but I really don’t want to tempt 2020 at this point!  Let’s just try to get through the rest of the year in one piece

Until next time, thanks for stopping by and catching up

Wash your hands
Wear your mask

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