So long, farewell, good bye ... to my Etsy Shop

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I'm making it official.

I'm no longer an Etsy seller.  I'm closing up shop over there by the end of March and will not be going back.  (Everything is on sale!)
Lots of reasons really.  I could write an essay on it, more of a rant really, but here is the shorter version:

1- the amount of work that goes into running a website, whether you are the sole seller on that site (like here!) or if you are just a single page on a larger entity (like Etsy) is the EXACT SAME! (in my opinion).  It does not make sense to dived my time between two sites and have neither live up to their true potential.

So, why leave Etsy with their established reputation and customer base etc etc? and focus on my own stand alone site if it is harder for google to find it?

that is reason 2 for leaving - I don't think the tried and true Etsy customer base is my tried and true customer base.  By that I mean, yes, I get some traffic and sales over on that site just from folks who love to 'shop etsy'.  But there are a lot of items I can't or don't feel comfortable listing over there because of their community guidelines and rules, or that just don't do well because it's not the current 'in style'.  I'm constantly trying to update listings to make them relevant with trending styles, and swear words just are not everybody's jam. Even if I put the effort in to playing the game, it hurts my shop to have to fight around the algorithm and disgruntled non-customers all the time.  So the reasons many folks stay at an established sales site like Etsy doesn't truly apply to me.

3 - in all honesty, they raised their fees again.  AND they charge sellers a fee on shipping - something WE DO NOT USUALLY MAKE A PROFIT OFF OF.  This makes it harder to sell anything on there because I have to raise my prices to an uncomfortable price for each item just to accommodate the fees, otherwise I make no profit - and the whole point of selling stuff is to make a profit to pay my bills. And while yes, there are fees associated with selling items on my own online shop, you can never get around that, I find these fees more manageable and less limiting for what I want to do with my website and online shop.

So while I thank Etsy for all it has done for me in the past, and I truly appreciate everyone who has found me and bought something from me over there, it is time to move on.
Keep following along here at for all the new developments, including the online shop re opening *very soon*, new product designs and lots more blog posts, if you're into it!


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